09 Mar

As you travel through this thing called life and you find all these choices to make how do you decide which choices are going to be the right ones ….do you hold your breath shut your eyes and belly flop into your life or do you dive right in with your eyes wide open?

I think I have walked …stumbled and tripped as I tried to dive in …..sometimes with a belly flop or a beautiful dive …..and well i think there has even been times I even did a few cannon balls…..haha sometimes with my eyes open and sometimes with my eyes closed ….

I guess when you look at your life with an outsider’s perspective things look much different then when you look at in through your own eyes and for myself it becomes easer to analyze my decisions if I look back and try to see things from all perspectives

How about an example ……..I have decided that my 7 almost 8 year old must clean her room and she is not to come out untill she done (except for dinner if it takes that long…and i’m sure it will..haha) she tells me that she will only clean it if I go in and help ….so I explain that I have other cleaning to do and her room is her job to clean and that she is quite old enough to do it all by her self. ( now she spends all her energy trying to argue with me through out the day).when if she cleaned he room when I asked her to she would have been done in no time … the next day she comes home from school and once again I guid her straight to her room to clean and of course she does not see this as fair, I however think it is very fair that after days and days of asking her to clean up her toys I get to the end of my rope, now right here in this moment I could choose to go and help her clean her horrendous mess she has made (and much worse since I sent here in there because she can really let things fly when she get upset) or do I let her deal with the consequences of her actions…..of course I choose to have her deal with her consequence’s so once again I choose to listen to her complain how unfair and I mean I am …..little do I know that her father has made a choice also and his choice is to slink his way in to her room to help her clean ….haha

and that you see is how the decisions you make today will affect the outcome of tomorrow…..because tomorrow I will have to start all over again.

Now if I look at this in my partners point of view I can understand that he was going away for 4 weeks for schooling and would like to spend some time with his youngest child before he leaves and I understand that …..but I on the other hand believe that all he did was remind her that if she makes a big enough fit she will still get her way

So as I stumble through this choice and wonder is teaching my 7 yr old that she need to clean her room when I ask because if she doesn’t the mess will be even bigger and that she is old enough for this responsibility all on her own ……Or is my partner’s choice in showing her that he will alway be there to help her when she needs him the better choice…..

Well only the future will tell…..when I figure it out I’ll let you know

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