Honesty & Vulnerability

12 Mar

Honesty & Vulnerability……..these are two very scary words, many people see these two words and their guard go’s up…

Honesty…..every person will say they want complete honesty but do they really? I think they want others completely honest with them but are they willing to become completely honest with others or even with them selves?

When you are completely honest you open your self up to becoming vulnerable to others are you willing to do that?

I have taken that challenge upon my self this year ,this is not a resolution this is a conscious decision that I have made to my self…. I have never considered my self a liar…. but yes I have told those little white lies just like everyone else nothing that could hurt anyone but those little ones like …No he’s not here can I take a message….or no you don’t look tired….or no I’m doing just fine!

But not any more you ask I will answer to the best of my ability.I’m sure that many think they are already doing this but the first place you need to look to really see if you are is in the mirror….can you really say that you are completely honest with your self? Because you are the first person you will lie to …..and that is one person you should always be honest with so that is what I am doing, I have spent the last several months reflecting upon myself to really get to know me and boy is that an eye opener that honesty to ones self is how you really get to know who you are and who you want to become.  

It really is amazing how your mind will work…..all you need is one thing in your life….that one thing that is the most important thing in the world to change to make you stop dead in your tracks and look in the mirror 

Vulnerability is what happens next when you open yourself up to become honest like that and that is the scariest thing to deal with…. your vulnerability can hurt you …it can paralyze you …yes it can also be painful…

What you may not know is it can also feed your soul… it is also invigorating and freeing …it also help’s you grow into the most beautiful person inside and out……it is not easy…I know but I think it’s worth it… 

Honesty and Vulnerability …….caterpillar to Butterfly……feed your soul and you will fly


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