Moments Like this…..

24 Mar

I would Just like to share with the world what it is that makes being a Mom all worth while ….

I recently had a birthday and while I was at work my 3 Beautiful children were hard at work making home-made cards for me …Because they are my favorite ,if you have put thought and effort into something to me that is the most important thing… to me that means you care…..and all 3 cards were just like them they truly showed their individual personalities….they are keepers…lol

Now on top of these beautiful cards they very carefully searched up a cake recipe on-line and baked me a cake….From scratch mind you …..I have 2 boxes of cake mix in my cupboard and they did not use them ….they topped the cake with writing icing in my 2 favourite colours Blue and Yellow….it was beautiful….I don’t like icing so the criss cross of little skinny lines was perfection for me

But MY moment the one that brings the water works to my eyes ( I know those of you who know me know that I am an emotional waterworks but those emotions are what makes you feel alive) is when my Oldest told me that her father had called and told her that she should make me a cake, with a great big smile on her face she tells me that she had already done it!!! at that moment her confidence ,her pride just shone through,that is what it’s all about  

and That is how Life Becomes ME……


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2 responses to “Moments Like this…..

  1. informationforager

    March 24, 2011 at 8:10 am

    A Great Event. Thanks for sharing. There is no love like the love of our children. It’s not romantic, it’s not sensual, it’s just pure love.



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