Lost Trust

31 Mar

Today I went to check out the daily press and the question was How do you recover lost trust and how do you learn to forgive, can you possibly learn to trust them again….. why or why not?

This is something that I know about I may even be an expert on…ha-ha

if you have lost someones trust or someone has lost your trust how do you get over that stumbling block…how do you forgive. I’m sure you have all heard the term to forgive and to forget ….Havent you?

Well that is easer said then done!!

I think that to forgive someone you need to understand where and how the trust was lost in the first place.Once you can see that!! then you may have the ability to make the call of how you are going to deal with the lost trust…..only each individual can decide whether they are able to recover that lost trust .

I have experienced many different lost trusts in many formes and maybe it’s just me but I think I am one of the lucky ones because I have been able to forgive many lost trust’s…I bevieve that to forgive is to grow and learn some things are harder to forgive than others..and somethings may not be forgotten…I may even come across something one day that I would not be capable of forgiving ..who knows what life has in store for me

..I also believe that some times when the pain is so deep it is much harder and takes a certain type of person,it takes time to forgive …the time needed for that forgiveness also depends upon each individuals internal process

Not every one can do it and maybe not all lost trusts will be recovered only time can tell ….

I think if you ever want to be able to heal it has to be by all parties involved if there is even one ounce of doubt by anyone the healing will not happen because someone will still feel the betrayed even if it is hidden …..this brings me to opening your self up for honesty and vaulnranbility…..and to healing yourself I think that you have to willing to open up in all ways to your self and to others

you must be willing to see how a person has come to the crossroad that has led them to the point of being able to lose the trust in the first place. Unless you can see all points of views you will never be able to trust again nor will you ever be able to forgive.

To forgive someone does not mean they have earned your trust !

to forgive someone for losing your trust in the first place does not give them the right to think that once they have been forgiven they have a clean slate because I think that if someone is able to forgive something that has hurt them that is just the beginning of the healing process not the end because the end is when you feel deep down inside that they have earned your trust again.

some people may think that people who forgive are push overs and weak but I think that the person who can find it in their heart to forgive is a person who is Strong and courageous ….to have Lost Trust is one of the most painful things to experience ….to learn and grow from that kind of pain takes a lot of strength

but to heal is to forgive and to forgive is to heal I don’t think you can do one without the other.these are individual choices and you must be open to change in life because this is how you grow.

That is how Life Becomes me! 🙂

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