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The Challenge!!!!…That is the question?

Brick wall at Casa Loma in Toronto.

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Hmmmm?…what is my biggest Challenge that I’m currently facing …boy is that a loaded question now ….ha-ha….
I think that the challenge I am facing now has is some internal turmoil about a brick wall that I keep trying to take down in a personal relationship that I have battled with for many many years….I have recently concluded that I have tried and tried to make it work and that I am finely done with trying….. I have a quote that I go by daily …”I can accept failure but what I can’t except is NOT trying.” by Michael Jordan…. I live by that quote everyday that is how I deal with all challenges in my life and now after all these years I am done trying……so I thought!!!!…I recently watched the brick wall that I so laboured over brought down brick by brick return like a cage door closing in front of me….
How I am overcoming this challenge is by going day by day and deciding every day if it was a success or a failure….I have others to think about not just myself….so I will keep going day by day and in the end I will end up where I should be and when that brick wall comes crumbling down for the last time there will be nothing but a field of possibilities waiting for me on the other side.

and that is how my Caterpillar is changing and how My Life Becomes Me!


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Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue……

Don’t you agree?

I think that patience is something that you have either been born with or you just don’t have any….. Although I do believe that it is possible to learn.The one difference between being born with it and learning to have it is how you act while you’re using it.

using patience if you’re not born with it would be very taxing I think,at least much more taxing then if your born with it ….. I truly do believe I have lots of patience ….I think I am one of the most patient person I know…..well maybe not I don’t really know what others have to deal with behind closed doors now do I ….but either way I still think I have lots of patience …lol…

Of course there are always things that tax us to no end and no matter what we do or how hard we try we just don’t have patience for!

So I asked my kids what they thought it was that I have no patience for and I really didn’t get the answer I expected…haha…they answerd with …..”you have no patience for when dad yells at you because you always snap right back!!”…. their right you know that is the number one thing that I really have no patience with and yet my partner and I have just celebrated our 15th anaversery…huh!!

so do I have patience for this or not? The way I behave as soon as it happens is by snapping right back which does not show much patience …..I really do not like being yelled at! but on the other hand I have dealt with it for the last 15 years… so what would YOU say that is….Patience or not?

I think that one thing that I have no patience for is my 7-year-old not getting dressed for school in the morning it takes every bit of self-restraint I have to not lose my mind in the morning …..and most times I give in and dress her my self because It’s just that much easer and if I don’t then she will sit in her bed till it’s time to get her coat on. I don’t think I have much patience for that especially in the morning because I’m sooo not a morning person …lol

A third and last thing that I do not have patience for is when I’m doing my workout I need to be alone …complete silence so I can get in my workout zone the smallest disturbance really really bothers me …I don’t know why but it does and how I deal with it is by getting up at 5:30 in the morning before anyone else does so I am able to do it alone ….I thought it was a good way to deal with it …my partner on the other hand now gets up at 5:30 to walk the dog because he says the alarm wakes him up and I’m sorry to say I havent figured out how I’m going to deal with that hitch yet …lol…guess I could get up at 4:30 instead ….haha …..and no his walk does not last as long as my work out….lol

oh well Patience is a Virtue and I will keep  working on it and maybe one day these things will just slide over the shoulders…what do you think? can I do it ?

it’s a work in progress and this is how Life Becomes Me!


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Working Vacation…..nothing better!

I recently went away on a working vacation….my boss sent me to Ontario for a convention and some upgrading on a computer program I use at work ….I call it a working vacation because it was for work ..I call it a vacation because it was in Ontario and that is where all my family is from.

I havent been home in 2 years and I took full advantage of my trip back…and now that I have come back to reality here in the Northwest territories I realized that I really missed my children I had never been away from them for so long I was gone for a week… 8 nights boy is that a long time for me, but it was a well deserved vacation from the reality of my regular life.

I had an amazing time with my friends and family I feel even more homesick now that I have returned. This probably was not what my boss had intended when he sent me…lol

I was busy every night so it wasn’t until I got back here that I realised how much I missed them .My youngest was not very happy about my leaving and thought she would punish me for going by being miserable the morning I left and then she decided to not talk to me on the phone the entire time I was away,I don’t think she realised that she was punishing herself as well as me with that …since I returned home on Saturday she hadn’t left my side till I shipped her off to school this morning. Did I say anything about how I felt hurt about her not talking to me all week …No!…I think that would have been just punishing her something that she didn’t really understand so I just hugged her told her I missed her and tried not to trip over her as I went along my day and asked her to help me with everything..haha..

Now that Mommy’s back home and things are back to normal… in her mind all is right with the world again..  🙂

some days I wish I was 7 again ..haha..because that world is simple and my life is not …  🙂

How I keep Changing…. feeding my soul and my Caterpillar is becoming a Butterfly

and how My Life Becomes Me ……


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I am so busy!

I’m supposed to post once a week but I have come home for the week and I don’t seem to have time so sorry it’s not much but I will make it up to you later


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Shopping!! ….I am a girl!!! …..of course I shop…. shopping they say is something we girls do naturally…. haha but I’m not sure about that I think it’s something that is learned…or it’s something that is tought…

my most recent shopping splurge that is the question of the day !!! well I have splurged recently according to my partner..haha…but I think that I am a very responsible shopper …haha..yes that is coming from a girl..I went out and bought my self a new outfit ….yup…that’s it oh ya and I recently got my hair done …. umm what else ……a new pair of earrings and neakless……ummm… that’s it that is my shopping splurge….now some would say it is a splurge ….. but I have a reason for almost every one of them..haha(of course I do did you really think I wouldn’t haha) so the outfit was because I have recently lost 30lb and I need at least something that fits…do I not? haha but not a bunch because I still have about 15lb – 20lb left to loose…and what I bought will still fit me then…..then I got my hair done not something I do very often 1-maybe 2 times a year …it was time..and the last the least expensive but the biggest splurge was the earrings and the neakless….now they were a total of $20.00 and I just adore them they are made of soap stone and were hand carved from a local artist and he came in with new items and I always say no because it’s a expense that I really don’t need ..but this time I said yes and I will wear them with I guess they are my one shopping splurge really… should I feel guilty about what I spent ….I think not!!  haha

When I shop for anything I always think to my self ….do I NEED verses do I WANT ….and that is how I make all of my shopping decisions for anything that is not food …..

Food now that on the other hand is something completely different now I could really spend there and I have to check my self every time because I feel the need to have a full fridge and pantry at all times …. I want to make whatever I want whenever I feel like it….something that if you don’t keep in check can cause a lot of waste…but you see I accept my grocery addiction and follow my steps to make sure it doesn’t take over ..haha  

what do you think?  girls are we are born shoppers? 

I always try to see my faults ( the ones I think are faults haha) and learn and change them to make them positive asset instead …..

That is how my  Life Becomes Me…..


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