05 Apr

Shopping!! ….I am a girl!!! …..of course I shop…. shopping they say is something we girls do naturally…. haha but I’m not sure about that I think it’s something that is learned…or it’s something that is tought…

my most recent shopping splurge that is the question of the day !!! well I have splurged recently according to my partner..haha…but I think that I am a very responsible shopper …haha..yes that is coming from a girl..I went out and bought my self a new outfit ….yup…that’s it oh ya and I recently got my hair done …. umm what else ……a new pair of earrings and neakless……ummm… that’s it that is my shopping splurge….now some would say it is a splurge ….. but I have a reason for almost every one of them..haha(of course I do did you really think I wouldn’t haha) so the outfit was because I have recently lost 30lb and I need at least something that fits…do I not? haha but not a bunch because I still have about 15lb – 20lb left to loose…and what I bought will still fit me then…..then I got my hair done not something I do very often 1-maybe 2 times a year …it was time..and the last the least expensive but the biggest splurge was the earrings and the neakless….now they were a total of $20.00 and I just adore them they are made of soap stone and were hand carved from a local artist and he came in with new items and I always say no because it’s a expense that I really don’t need ..but this time I said yes and I will wear them with I guess they are my one shopping splurge really… should I feel guilty about what I spent ….I think not!!  haha

When I shop for anything I always think to my self ….do I NEED verses do I WANT ….and that is how I make all of my shopping decisions for anything that is not food …..

Food now that on the other hand is something completely different now I could really spend there and I have to check my self every time because I feel the need to have a full fridge and pantry at all times …. I want to make whatever I want whenever I feel like it….something that if you don’t keep in check can cause a lot of waste…but you see I accept my grocery addiction and follow my steps to make sure it doesn’t take over ..haha  

what do you think?  girls are we are born shoppers? 

I always try to see my faults ( the ones I think are faults haha) and learn and change them to make them positive asset instead …..

That is how my  Life Becomes Me…..


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