Working Vacation…..nothing better!

18 Apr

I recently went away on a working vacation….my boss sent me to Ontario for a convention and some upgrading on a computer program I use at work ….I call it a working vacation because it was for work ..I call it a vacation because it was in Ontario and that is where all my family is from.

I havent been home in 2 years and I took full advantage of my trip back…and now that I have come back to reality here in the Northwest territories I realized that I really missed my children I had never been away from them for so long I was gone for a week… 8 nights boy is that a long time for me, but it was a well deserved vacation from the reality of my regular life.

I had an amazing time with my friends and family I feel even more homesick now that I have returned. This probably was not what my boss had intended when he sent me…lol

I was busy every night so it wasn’t until I got back here that I realised how much I missed them .My youngest was not very happy about my leaving and thought she would punish me for going by being miserable the morning I left and then she decided to not talk to me on the phone the entire time I was away,I don’t think she realised that she was punishing herself as well as me with that …since I returned home on Saturday she hadn’t left my side till I shipped her off to school this morning. Did I say anything about how I felt hurt about her not talking to me all week …No!…I think that would have been just punishing her something that she didn’t really understand so I just hugged her told her I missed her and tried not to trip over her as I went along my day and asked her to help me with everything..haha..

Now that Mommy’s back home and things are back to normal… in her mind all is right with the world again..  🙂

some days I wish I was 7 again ..haha..because that world is simple and my life is not …  🙂

How I keep Changing…. feeding my soul and my Caterpillar is becoming a Butterfly

and how My Life Becomes Me ……


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