The Challenge!!!!…That is the question?

25 Apr
Brick wall at Casa Loma in Toronto.

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Hmmmm?…what is my biggest Challenge that I’m currently facing …boy is that a loaded question now ….ha-ha….
I think that the challenge I am facing now has is some internal turmoil about a brick wall that I keep trying to take down in a personal relationship that I have battled with for many many years….I have recently concluded that I have tried and tried to make it work and that I am finely done with trying….. I have a quote that I go by daily …”I can accept failure but what I can’t except is NOT trying.” by Michael Jordan…. I live by that quote everyday that is how I deal with all challenges in my life and now after all these years I am done trying……so I thought!!!!…I recently watched the brick wall that I so laboured over brought down brick by brick return like a cage door closing in front of me….
How I am overcoming this challenge is by going day by day and deciding every day if it was a success or a failure….I have others to think about not just myself….so I will keep going day by day and in the end I will end up where I should be and when that brick wall comes crumbling down for the last time there will be nothing but a field of possibilities waiting for me on the other side.

and that is how my Caterpillar is changing and how My Life Becomes Me!


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2 responses to “The Challenge!!!!…That is the question?

  1. Nat

    April 26, 2011 at 2:03 am

    If you feel like your in a cage, you need to break free and ofcourse you have others to think about but if you are not happy and just settling then how can you be giving your best you to the ones you love the most.


    • Life Becomes Me

      April 26, 2011 at 9:27 am

      How can I give the best to the one’s I love the most …well that is an easy question because ….I love them!! Those who I love I love with all my heart ….they get my best because that is who I am ….I don’t give only half an effort I always give all my effort because I never give up with out a fight …..



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