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Favorite Sounds


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What are my favorite sounds? ……

You would think this would be a simple question wouldn’t you …….but I look at this question and hear so many sounds and wonder which ones are my favorite?

  • The sound of the birds chirping at 4 in the morning …
  • The sound of rain hitting a steel roof….
  • The sound of a thunderstorm…..
  • The sound of Ravens cooing….
  • The sound of silence….
  • The sound of the one you love sleeping next to you ….
  • The sound of beautiful music…..

I could go on and on about my favorite sounds….

I think MY one sound I love to hear more than others is the sound of a baby’s laugh…..

Isn’t it the most beautiful sound in the world? When you hear a baby laugh it put’s a smile on everyone’s face who hears it ……I know it puts one on my face every time….. it makes my heart smile…..haha

I remember I had read somewhere that a child should laugh at least 1000 times each and everyday so I as a young new mom had made this my goal ….. my baby was going to laugh and laugh lots… 1000 times a day (wasn’t sure how I was going to count them though) but that was what I was going to do ……. My mother-in-law told me once (only once) that I was spoiling my baby. I on the other hand explained to her how I did not believe that you can spoil children with love….I would also like to note that when my partner and I think back on our time at home with our first-born I remember my first baby girl as the perfect baby that she was …she was happy all the time and laughing/smiling and never cried and yet when I went back to work and my partner had to stay home with her he remembers crying and lots of it for the six months he was home with her ….huh!!…imagen…. just an observation on my part of course …haha…….and to this day I have never smelled one bit of spoiling on any of my children…haha

Now when I look back at my 3rd child however….that laughter is something that I had taken for granted with the first two…Those of you who have had a child with colic will truly understand how beautiful the sound of laughter is ….I’m not trying to take away the enjoyment from those of you who have not had the wonderful luxury of having such a child, so that you could really learn and appreciate the things that you took for granted before you had such a child like laughter and sleep and sanity…… I think back and remember the frustration during those 9 months of HELL! …..and then realize that if I had never lived through that pain and anguish of listening to my child cry 24/7 …and the feeling of how I couldn’t fix what ever it is that was making her cry….that I was scared (and this was my 3rd child ….I should know what I’m doing by now!!!) that I was going absolutely crazy and may lose my mind at any given moment !!!… Without all that I may never have been able to appreciate the beauty of that baby’s laugh the way I do now …lol..

I remember so well the precise moment it happened….when I fell in love with my baby’s laugh …..I was sitting in my rocking chair my baby girl in my lap with her back to me ,I was rubbing her back trying to burp her after nursing and I leaned down and gave her a “zerbert” as Bill Cosby used to call it …haha…which is something that I had tried many times before because my 2 older children had loved it (and still do) and for what ever reason that I have never understood this time she finely laughed …..And I cried!!…..I’m sure that if anyone looking in the window probably thought I had finely lost my mind …haha… All because she laughed for the very first time and it was the most beautiful sound that I have ever heard..That was the sound that I had been missing in my life…

To this day when I hear a baby laugh it always brings me back to that day and that moment…..

I think back now…. if I had been able to see the importance of what I was learning during that time it may have made it easer to bear ….but then again maybe I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had? Maybe I wouldn’t see the things the way I do now?

This road I’m traveling has definitely had its share of pot holes …and slowly I’m filling each and every one of them as I learn what they need to be filled with …because each one has been made with something different….

And this is how My Life Becomes Me.


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Time fly’s by

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So much for posting once a week …haha ….guess I’ll start again 🙂

I have been so busy these last few weeks and some-days it really amazes me how time can fly by and we don’t even see it pass …. when I have those moments in my life, it’s like I go a little dizzy and catch my breath and I have to tell my self to close my eyes and take a step back to remember to slow down and stop and watch the scenery go by because If you don’t you’re going to miss sooo much of what makes life so beautiful.

When I used to live in Southern Ontario My favorite time of the day was always the commute on the QEW or 400 HWY’S….. and I know everyone says I’m nut’s for enjoying it …haha…but I would always take that time to reflect on my day …it was my shift change from working women to Mom …guess it was my me time …haha…If I felt rushed or stressed I would tell my self to stop and enjoy the scenery…… Now living where the speed limit is 45km in town and 70km on the HWY…it has become so natural to move slow that I never have those mandatory reminders to slow down and take a breath , you would think it would be the opposite living up here and maybe for others it is but not for me….I’m a fast paced women who likes to be on the edge of my seat but I AM human!!! (just don’t tell the kids!) …haha …and every so often I need that break a reminder that I need that down time and when it’s not forced on you like the stop and go of rush hour traffic it tends to get away from you ….I had one of those days today where I looked at the date and was blown away, I never even saw the month of May go by and I don’t know where it went or what I did with it..haha…but boy I must have done plenty because I’m exhausted and my back hurts..haha

guess it’s time to stop step back take a breath and watch the scenery go by before I miss next month …haha..

and that is how Life Becomes Me 🙂


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Judgment Day!

So today I am going to discuss judging others…..I wonder how many nerves I will pinch with this one…haha…..this is something that I feel very strongly about!

There are many people who judge others for the things they do without even knowing any details…..I know this as a fact and yet it still surprises me that people still do this.

I have read some things recently and I thought to myself how can this person come to the conclusions that they have come to without all the information that they would need, unless of course they were there to pass judgment…but even then I do not believe anyone has the right to pass judgment because everything is perceived from each individuals point of view.

Because no one see things the same way no one will have the same point of view …..although I do believe that people can agree on the same things I just don’t think they can get to the same conclusion with the exact same mind process….of course I could be wrong…I have been known to be wrong a time or two….LOL

I don’t believe I judge people…I know I have in the past but over the years I have come to the realization that to judge is to be in that other persons shoes….and the last time I checked the only persons shoes you can walk in are your own!

The other thing I have noticed about people who tend to judge is they tend to be angry. Angry about many things…about not having control over whatever it is they are judging, also because they do not agree with a decision that someone else has made does not give them the right to judge now does it? If you do not agree with someone else that does not mean the other person has made the wrong decision for themselves and it also doesn’t mean the other person has done something wrong. The only person who has the right to make that decision is oneself?

So do you judge others?…..or things that others have done?

I try not to….I listen to what others say and do and I try to understand how they feel and think….sometimes I can understand sometimes I can’t ……. but always I keep an open-mind…..because that is who I am

and that is how Life Becomes Me 🙂


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