Time fly’s by

21 May
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So much for posting once a week …haha ….guess I’ll start again 🙂

I have been so busy these last few weeks and some-days it really amazes me how time can fly by and we don’t even see it pass …. when I have those moments in my life, it’s like I go a little dizzy and catch my breath and I have to tell my self to close my eyes and take a step back to remember to slow down and stop and watch the scenery go by because If you don’t you’re going to miss sooo much of what makes life so beautiful.

When I used to live in Southern Ontario My favorite time of the day was always the commute on the QEW or 400 HWY’S….. and I know everyone says I’m nut’s for enjoying it …haha…but I would always take that time to reflect on my day …it was my shift change from working women to Mom …guess it was my me time …haha…If I felt rushed or stressed I would tell my self to stop and enjoy the scenery…… Now living where the speed limit is 45km in town and 70km on the HWY…it has become so natural to move slow that I never have those mandatory reminders to slow down and take a breath , you would think it would be the opposite living up here and maybe for others it is but not for me….I’m a fast paced women who likes to be on the edge of my seat but I AM human!!! (just don’t tell the kids!) …haha …and every so often I need that break a reminder that I need that down time and when it’s not forced on you like the stop and go of rush hour traffic it tends to get away from you ….I had one of those days today where I looked at the date and was blown away, I never even saw the month of May go by and I don’t know where it went or what I did with it..haha…but boy I must have done plenty because I’m exhausted and my back hurts..haha

guess it’s time to stop step back take a breath and watch the scenery go by before I miss next month …haha..

and that is how Life Becomes Me 🙂


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