Judgement Day!! (2)

05 Jul

So My 14yr old read my post Judgment day and do you know what she said……she said that I wasn’t talking about judgment….so I guess I should get the proper definition before I continue…haha…

To Pass Judgement :

The process of Judging in Law // The pronouncement of a decision ( to give judgment) a legal decision or sentence // an opinion // the ability to weigh matters prudently ( a man of sound judgment) // the process of assessing ( an error of judgment) // a blow of fate thought of by onlookers as a just retribution.

this is what I took out of the dictionary

I think that maybe I should not have called it judging maybe I should have called it making a decision about something without all the facts or having an opinion before having all the facts……

“Judging others is one of the ways in which the unconscious self, asleep to its unflagging sense of uncertainty, maintains the illusion of being superior to all that it meets.”

I read this quote and yes this is how I feel about judging others ……this has nothing to do with breaking the law or hurting others just my opinion on how I try to treat others nothing less nothing more .

the comment that was left on my last post about Judgment I understand why they think this and I agree that the rules and laws are for this reason so that we as people can become better and learn and the injustice’ s stop but this last sentence from the comment that was left on my first post really bothers me and I need to respond to it

“There have been too many injustices that have happened to people who don’t have a voice or who haven’t the spirit to stand up and judge the way they have been treated to not be able to judge what others are doing.”

I believe that it is  BECAUSE  of  judgment or others opinion that  too many injustices have happened to people who did not believe they had a voice and did not have the spirit to stand up for them selves and I believe it is because of those who judge others that there is racism,genocide and inequality of women to name a few ….that have come to pass…..

and that is why I try not to pass judgment on others….and that is what I was trying to get across the first time around….haha…I hope this was a little more clear and I really do believe this is what they were trying to get across in that comment…..then again I may be wrong…haha…

I would also like to say that we as people have come a long way and we should be pleased with the way we are moving forward maybe it’s not as fast as we would like it to be but forward it is …..

and we must all remember that all great things happen in time …..slow and steady wins the race remember…..

and that is how My Life Becomes Me….


Posted by on July 5, 2011 in Change, Choices, life, week post 2011


3 responses to “Judgement Day!! (2)

  1. Danielle

    July 5, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    Well said. 🙂


  2. Nat

    July 6, 2011 at 8:12 am

    I agree well said
    Judgment should not be used when people are different from ourselves or for the unknown. It is there for when there is disrespect and harm being done. Unfortunately some don’t see or understand the harm they are causing. And some just don’t care. Yes things are getting better and it is a slow process.



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