Prune’s and Babies :/

05 Jul

So I read a post today called “I love a parade” by if you are a mom you really should read her Blog she is very funny …haha….

anyway it reminded me of when I was a first time mom and I was going to be the perfect mom…haha(I know that’s sooooo funny…haha) my children were going to eat healthy, I made my baby food so that I would know exactly what my child was putting in her body and what was coming out ….

now I would keep some store-bought baby food jars in the pantry in case of emergencies or of the few things that I did not make my self….one thing I never made was prunes ….well because I don’t like prunes …..but I was going to teach my kids that you have to try something at least twice before you decide you don’t like it (because the first time is because it’s something new and well we all know kids never like new things …haha…

so on this day the day my oldest tried Prunes for the first time she loved them…oh my gosh did she love them she ate the whole jar …the little one of course….(I don’t think they sell prunes in big jars……ah!!!FOR A REASON…)

Now you all know what happens when we eat lots of prunes don’t you!!!!!!!…..I for what ever reason did not think of this…..

several hours later she is playing in her “spaceship”(walker with no wheels)…..and I hear a very loud fart …haha…..come out of my very tiny baby girl…..when I looked over …….well lets just say that it took several hours to clean up the mess that exploded out of her ……I never knew that they could hold that much…haha

I learned a very valuable lesson that day …..and well my next two children have never tasted prunes …..because I don’t like them …..haha

and That is how MY Life Becomes Me…….   🙂

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  1. Danielle

    July 5, 2011 at 9:58 pm




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