Two sides of the same coin.

04 Sep

as I was writing my last post I came to another realization….. for some one who is a perfectionist I love imperfections in other things ….I see myself as such a contradiction that I really baffle my self

for one thing…I don’t expect perfection from others I only expect perfection from my self?

my favorite things are things made from nature things like wood and clay which can never be perfect. Wood from a tree is beautiful in all its imperfections and I love those imperfections that has come from growing in nature …it is bendable and you can create with it …I love the way that when a tree has been cut down and becomes a piece of furniture and comes to live in your home,and its new life begins, then after many years of living as apart of your family it will also get new imperfections and scars if you like…. from its new life everything from a new puppy chewing the leg of a table to a new baby banging his fork and denting the top of the same table …because 30 years later you look at all these scars and it tells its story ……it tells your story…so to me it never really dies…..

Now when I think about clay I think about all the different things it can become all the things people can interpret with the ability to change it to make it what you want to mold it into anything you want but once you have molded it you can’t change it….. once the creation is complete that’s it its hard and is unbendable….I was at a festival of friends one year many years ago and their was a craftsman that made pottery from clay everything from plates to roasting pots ….. I fell in love with his art (Bailey Brown is his name out of Ontario) ….what I loved about them was how not a single one was the same…..not one of them was perfectly round nor were they the same size or painted the exactly the same each one was unique and created to be just as it should….I have been collecting his dishes since then I now have 5 place settings it is a slow process but one day I will have a complete set of 10 that is my goal I think… now I use these dishes as my good dishes because that is what they are for of course.

Now the difference between these two is there make up… they continue to live through us…. the wood is bendable and changes with time. Clay once it has been molded it doesn’t change it still doesn’t bend if it gets broken its broken for good sure you can try to glue it together but it’s still broken. I can still see the beauty in it but unlike wood you can’t sand it down and fix it…see the contradiction one is susceptible to change and one is not ……yet I find the beauty in both.

now I’m sure there are many ways to interpret what I have just written and I’m sure that if I really analyze I could go deeper …lol….

but for now my point is that I can see how I am a contradiction even to myself to be a perfectionist and love imperfect things and once again I realize how I can see both sides of the coin and how confusing that can be sometimes…..

and that is how Life Becomes Me 🙂

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One response to “Two sides of the same coin.

  1. Danielle

    September 9, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    Here is my input on perfectionist. Usually someone with an attitude of a perfectionist would be afraid of doing something because of the fear of not doing it perfectly. Because of that they don’t do much.
    So having said that, I certainly don’t see you as a perfectionist. If you where you would not appreciate the beauty of imperfection.

    Fear never stop you to keep going or try something new. You like to do your best in what ever you do. That doesn’t make you a perfectionist.

    Now about you being confuse. What do you expect?… you have a eccentric mother….LOL



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