When are you happiest?

26 Sep

When are you the happiest?
That is today’s question ….. When I first saw this question I though to myself this is an easy one….haha…
Now that I’ve thought about it …not so much …..
There are so many things that can make a person happy and at different times in life it can change, depending on where a person is emotionally will also depend on what can and will make them the happiest.
At one point in my life what made me happiest was being pregnant and not having a miscarriage ….yet today it was having my 8-year-old get herself dressed and ready for school without an argument ….haha… See how much it can change from year to year.
Some days what makes me happiest is not having to be the referee between my children …or even between my partner and my children.
Other days it’s creating an amazing kitchen design that my customer loves.
I think what makes me the happiest is seeing my children confident and happy and ready to conquer the world.

what makes you happy will always change so take your happy moments treasure them all because when you appreciate them all they will all make you the happiest.

That is how My Life Becomes Me….

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