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My favorite way to procrastinate

My favorite way to procrastinate is to think!
Do you believe that…what a way to procrastinate…to think….sometimes I wonder why because so much thinking could be quite dangerous you know …

sometimes I will think of ways I could be working on what I should be doing.
Sometimes I will be thinking of things I should be thinking about and sometimes I will be thinking of lists I will have to create to stop procrastinating so I can actually do what I’m supposed to do.
Other times I will listen to music ….saying to my self oh! I love this song I’ll get back to work after this one, or I’ll check my e-mail just incase I got something important.

Once a long time ago I got “a round Toit”…. But alas I lost it some time ago and maybe when I get a round Toit again it’ll get done!…. Bit until then I guess I’ll think about making a list of what has to get done.

And this is how My Life Becomes Me ūüôā


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Thanks for Giving

In¬†the tradition of giving thanks to those around us on this day I would like to share some of the things I¬†am thankful for…..

  • I am thankful for¬†my mother and father for giving me all they could to help me grow into the women and mother that I am.
  • I am thankful for my partner who has given me 3 of the most beautiful children in the world.
  • I am thankful¬†that my oldest girl has spirit and spunk¬†and the courage to be who she wants to be.
  • I am thankful¬†that my middle child¬†is¬†finding¬†the confidence to become what ever he wishes as he grows in to the man he so wants to become.
  • I am thankful for my youngest for having the perfect blend of spirit and confidence and courage to become the wonderful adult¬†that I know¬†she will become.
  • I am thankful for my¬† family and friends who have stuck by me through all my¬†ups and downs throughout¬†the years.
  • I am thankful that my partners dog may have finely stopped eating my books.
  • I am thankful for being able to make money doing what I enjoy.
  • I am thankful for lessons learned….and lessons that are still to be learned to allow me to grow.
  • I am thankful to those people who have been instrumental in¬†helping me grow over the past year.
  • I am thankful for my sweater¬†that is keeping me warm today as¬†I watch the first snow fall of the year.
  • I am thankful for the pickle ends because they are my favorite when eaten with cheese.
  • I¬†am thankful for the¬†ability to see and¬†appreciate all that I am thankful for.
  • I am thankful for you …..because you chose to stop and read what I have to say.

there are so many other things to be grateful for but I am in the middle of preparing turkey dinner so these are the ones that I will say for now.

I belive that there is always something to be thankful for no matter how rough the road…. you just have to look and once you focus on those little things the bumps in the road seem to fill them selves.

so what are you Thankful for this year?….you don’t have to share them with me if you don’t want to ….but you need to find them and appreciate them for your self because even the little things matter…..when you find all the little things and put them all together they become big things…..don’t you think.

so Thanks for giving to me…….thanks for giving to others…….thanks for giving even just a little of your selves.

and this is how…. My Life Becomes Me!

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I think….I think Nothing????

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I was sitting quietly one day looking out the window and I was thinking about silence which I was enjoying at that particular moment¬†and this¬†brought me to thinking about why there is silence which brought me to thinking about what the person sitting quietly beside me was thinking about ….

I then proceeded to ask what it was they were thinking of ?….the answer I got was Nothing???…..really?…¬†Nothing?…..I have gotten this answer many times over the years mainly from my partner …..what I don’t get…. is how do you think of nothing how does that happen and if they can think of nothing… why can’t I ?

when I am not talking I am thinking…..thats just how I am…..all the¬†time!!!….. it never shut’s off this thinking thing. something is always going through my head whether its something big or small !!!!……important or silly….its still thinking… least that’s what I thought ?…….I think so much that¬†I even¬†have to¬†think my self to sleep …haha….ok I know it’s weird but hey if I am not completely¬†exhausted the breaks just don’t work!

I can think of an orange and my thinking will make its way to whether I¬†rememberd to shut the shredder off at work yesterday to what the temperature will be tomorrow….lol…..why??? well because one thing always leads to another with me…. it just never ends…. never!!!…. one thing always roll’s into another¬†…sometimes I would love to record one of my conversations with the girls at work …

I thought at one time that if I listened to music I would then be too busy concentrating on what I am listening to, to be able to think of anything else…..boy was I wrong….but¬†I’ll let you in on a little secret I¬†do my best thinking when I’m listening to music…..who would have thought that, right!¬†…..I put in my¬†headphones and I drown out the rest of the world and away I go ….lol….

so¬†now that I have explained how my mind works …isn’t this how everyone’s mind works ??? …..and if¬†so how can you be thinking about nothing then?

Ok well I always figured it was because¬†whoever I was asking didn’t want to share whatever it was they were thinking …that’s what I always thought!!…….its what I do (the thinking thing remember it never stop’s in here!!..) so after I ask and I get the answer “nothing” and I know very well the other person is thinking something you can always see¬†the thought process in the other persons eyes …I wonder if others notice this ? huh or am I just observant …nah others must see how your eyes move when you think…lol…

It then makes me wonder WHY???….why don’t they want to share …what are they hiding ?…or I think why¬†are they¬†too embarrassed to tell me what they are thinking?…do they think I would judge them?….

see how the thinking thing works ……haha….it is really exhausting in here.

so if it’s because you don’t want to share then why are you spending time with me if you don’t want to share what your thinking ….I mean really if I wasn’t interested I never would have asked in the first place…right???…..

I will confess to having done the¬†very same thing and I may even do it again(depending on¬†what my thoughts are)¬†but I now say what is on my mind if I’m asked no matter how silly it may be or sound….and I must say it has brought some funny looks from my partner, one particular time he asked and I was thinking about something quite silly……but if you really don’t want to know then¬†DON’T ASK…lol

so my partner just walked in and asked what I’m doing and I told him I was writing about thinking …….he said Wow …that’s a weird topic??… with¬†his funny look on his face……guess it’s one of those moments …haha

so I do filter what I say depending on who I am talking to because…..well because not EVERYTHING need to be shared with everyone …..but then you may just get it’s just not proper to share right now…lol….you would think that with all this thinking I would have no problems writing … would think!!!

so don’t ask if you don’t want to know ……and for those of you who really do¬†think of nothing pleeeeesssseeee tell me how you do it !!!!!…..because I would love to think of nothing just once ……because as my partner says …my brain must hurt with all this thinking…..and it could use a break …haha

and this is how My Life Becomes Me¬† ūüôā


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