My favorite way to procrastinate

21 Oct

My favorite way to procrastinate is to think!
Do you believe that…what a way to procrastinate…to think….sometimes I wonder why because so much thinking could be quite dangerous you know …

sometimes I will think of ways I could be working on what I should be doing.
Sometimes I will be thinking of things I should be thinking about and sometimes I will be thinking of lists I will have to create to stop procrastinating so I can actually do what I’m supposed to do.
Other times I will listen to music ….saying to my self oh! I love this song I’ll get back to work after this one, or I’ll check my e-mail just incase I got something important.

Once a long time ago I got “a round Toit”…. But alas I lost it some time ago and maybe when I get a round Toit again it’ll get done!…. Bit until then I guess I’ll think about making a list of what has to get done.

And this is how My Life Becomes Me 🙂


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3 responses to “My favorite way to procrastinate

  1. Danielle

    November 9, 2011 at 6:03 am

    I could swear that since you wear a litle girl your favorite way to procrastinate was to talk…. especially when talking to me… :-)) LOL

    Here is an article that my coach sent me to help me with the brain chatter, maybe you could give it a try when your done procrastinating…. :-)) LOL

    Theta Yogic Breathing!
    To stop the brain chatter!

    Theta yogic breathing just before bed.
    First, do a breathing test through each nostril individually, so you can discern which nostril is currently dominate. You will have to do this each time you begin a theta yogic breathing implementation, as the nostril which is dominate changes all the time.

    Hold your dominate hand so that it seems to have only three fingers ; The index finger and middle finger function as if they are one. The pinky finger and the ring finger functions as if they are one.

    Rt hand (if you are right handed) has 3 fingers.
    Middle finger touches and holds 3rd eye. ( between your eyebrows)
    Breathing through the Right nostril, then breathing through the left nostril to determine which one is currently dominate.
    Then, you begin the seven cycles of the technique by breathing first through whichever is currently dominate.
    Use your “pinky finger” (which includes the ring finger) to Close your left nostril.
    Use your thumb to close your right nostril.

    Then, do seven cycles of breathing using the following counts:

    In 3 counts through the dominate side.
    Pinch nose and hold your breath for account of six.
    Open your pinky finger; Close your thumb.
    Breath out six thru opposite (non-dominate) nostril

    After seven cycles you will be in theta brainwave state, which QUIETS the mind, and is a direct access to the unconscious. It is the state we sometimes refer to as “daydreaming”.


  2. Danielle

    November 9, 2011 at 6:10 am

    What is a “round Toit” ?? une tortue?, un toit round de maison??? no idea what it is. google translator have no idea …go figure… I’m too lazy to look on my dictionary….maybe later if I remember….


    • Life Becomes Me

      November 9, 2011 at 8:04 pm

      Hahaha….when I get…. around to it … I’ll send you one :0)



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