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A Glance of what’s to come

When you see a small glance of something great in someone close to you you wait for them to blossom.
As a parent I see these little glimpses every day in my 3 children.
But every once in a while you get a burst of greatness that sweeps worry away for just a little while.
I recently had one of these glances….

My baby … ok if she knew I was calling her a baby she would probably be upset..haha..because she is the ripe old age of 8…but that’s what you get when your the youngest 🙂
Last night my little girl who we’ll call (s) was chatting away in the back seat on our way to dance class telling me all about her day and showing off her new powerful words like colossal…. It means very big by the way just in case you didn’t know …. ( thats her goal this term in school to learn more powerful words )….. So there she is chatting away again talking about her day and I decided to ask her about her new seating arrangement because her teacher unbeknown to her decided to sit her next to one of her best friends,now this boy we’ll call him (T) he is a real boys boy likes to play rough and tumble with the rest of the boys ….but since T met S in kindergarten he has had a soft spot for her. Maybe because she looks like a pixie but tackles like pit-bull….haha…
Ok now I’m getting off the mommy moment back to the story at hand…..
So I ask her if she is happy about this new seating arrangement ( which the teacher has already after one afternoon informed me that there seamed to be a lot of chatter) and she proceeds to inform me that she’s not too sure because he likes to talk a LOT…and she told him that if he keeps it up she will have to tell the teacher!
And then she tells me that he is very good friends with another little boy who we’ll call (L) and WE know L quite well he was at her birthday and boy does he have a crush on her, he is one of those boys who will pull the ponytail of the girl he likes, and he has been teasing her mercifully lately ….to the point that she didn’t want to go to school.
We spoke to her teacher and asked if she could do something about it for us.

So back to sitting in the car and driving to dance class…. I then proceeded to ask her if she was still having trouble with L teasing her or if sitting next to T has made it better or worse.
She looked at me a said very straight forward ….. Oh I took care of him!… You did did you! … She informed me that she told him to stop or She would tell Mrs.B the teacher…….

And that was it …..At that moment I was so proud of my baby girl because she didn’t like the way she was being treated so she did the right thing and said no this is not ok I don’t like it so stop or this will be the consequence….

If nothing else I’ve at least taught her this ….a very proud moment for me.

and then right there at that moment I realized the colossal mistake I had made in interfering ….now did I just make everything worse!…is L going to think she told … I send out an e-mail to her teacher that night and she tells me L has been home sick all week and she hasn’t had a chance to talk to him yet ….I took a deep breath and sighed with relief …..

She is still my pixie and will be a pit-bull with those other then her siblings, and this was when I got my glance of her greatness ….what’s to come… She told her best friend to stop talking so she wouldn’t get in trouble and put a stop to the teasing….

And this is how My Life Becomes Me.

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