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Remember to smile……Because you can!

What makes you smile like nothing else?
I think this is an amazing question don’t you?
I’ve sat on this question for a while now because I wasn’t sure how to answer it, I had so many answers and couldn’t decide which one of the many things that make me smile actually make me smile like nothing else can…..

  • Many things can make me smile, some just little things like laying down to the smell of freshly cleaned sheets right out of the dryer…..
  • The first bite of my favorite dish (when I get it right)  haha……
  • When a great song comes on the radio……
  • Watching my kids accomplish something they have worked on…..
  • Seeing the look on my children’s face Christmas Morning because Santa came…..

After I thought about all the things that make me smile ……I realized the one thing that makes me smile like nothing else is the feeling of LOVE …..

The love from another given freely with nothing to gain …..that feeling that you get when you can feel the others love for no other reason than for who you are …….The love you give to another because they are worth it …That is what makes me smile like nothing else can …..

My 8-year-old reminded me of this yesterday morning when she saw that after asking for 3 years in a row for a stuffed Jaguar teddy…..Santa finely came through and although none of his elves could find one anywhere nor could they make one …..Santa hunted down some material that looked as much like a Jaguar as he could and made one just for her …..and it has not left her side since……even though it is the most pitiful looking cat I have ever seen …haha…it probably should have been left to the elves….haha…But Santa worked very long hours on this cat I’m positive of that…..and when she saw it…….. that little spark that was starting to fade came back in her eyes and her belief in Santa was restored ….which moved my 2 older children and the magic of the real meaning of Christmas was back ……because its all about the love not the presents…’s all about the little things……

and I get the privilege of seeing that kind of love everyday….and every time my children hug me …..every time my I hear my children laugh ……every time I see Dorito the Jag(his new name) haha….get squeezed with love ( I sure hope he makes it through the year…..good thing Mom owns a sewing kit…..haha….

Dorito the Jaguar

This is how My life Becomes Me…..

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Does silence make you uncomfortable?

This is something that I think about sometimes when I’m with others I think is the silence you hear making you feel uncomfortable ?

I think it would all depend on the situation don’t you think?
Do you feel like you need to fill the silence ….I have been feeling like this recently and I don’t like it .. I have never felt uncomfortable in the silence before but I now feel like I need to fill that silence that I not so long ago enjoyed ….but I think the only reason People feel the need to fill that silence is because it needs to be filled with something that need to be said and those involved don’t want to say what needs to be said…Hmmm… Maybe you should say what needs to be said and the silence will be gone?

But that’s just what I think. 🙂

I have always loved Being able to sit and do what ever with others and not have to talk… but to let each do his/her own thing and just enjoy being in the others company….
Maybe I enjoy the silence because I live in a very loud world?

Maybe some people are uncomfortable with the silence because they don’t know how to come out of their shell And don’t know what to say.

I like to listen to music ALL the time so maybe I am more uncomfortable with silence then I thought ….hmmm I’ll have to think about that one. 🙂
I guess this is just some food for thought….

And this is how Life Becomes Me.


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