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I have not been inspired to write in a very long time …mainly because I have been using my creativity for other things ….like work 🙂
Today however I have been inspired by my son.
I was watching my sons soccer game this afternoon and a wave of emotions overcame me, so much so that I was brought to tears …(which I wiped away really really fast!!…I could hear my oldest saying are you crying? Your such a sap mom!)…..haha….ya well I’m a mom!!

What brought this on …I am not sure maybe guilt about only being able to watch the last game of 4 these past 2 days or maybe because his father had the opportunity to watch all his games but chose not to….and I felt a little green with envy that I didn’t have that opportunity….. and knowing that he had been at this soccer field all day and not knowing if his dad had made sure he had food and water for the day because he had spent the week with him and of course partly because I have missed him …..
With all these thoughts going through my head ….I’m watching an amazing game and my son is doing an amazing job at defending his team, I was informed that he has already won MVP and as I watch I hear him apologize to a player on the other team for shoving him to hard….my heart as his mother swells just a little knowing how I have tried to teach him compassion and respect for others and that my 14 year old sons favourite pastime is to show me how little of those qualities he has (but as his mom I know better)…haha….and MY SON the one that I have always known and the side he tries to hide from me shows up and I know in the end I’ve done good…I’ve done something right along my road of wrongs….it was my AHA! moment
Of the day …possibly the week ….but it was there ….I saw it an I am proud…..because it’s not about how good his grades are or how good he is at sports …’s about how good he makes others feel! Today my heart was full 😀

And that is how My Life Becomes ME! xo

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Walking the path of fear

I haven’t been on here in awhile. The reasons are many and hopefully I will have the motivation to start writing again.
I find it strange to be gone for so long and the fear of starting again is so pronounced, it feels like I have betrayed someone by not writing and have come crawling back for forgiveness ….and yet no one reads my posts so the only one who needs to worry about it is me … This blog was started to help me walk my path.

Now that I have spent so much time working on my life lets see if I can make some sense of it.

I’m glad to be back even it’s difficult because
This is how My Life Becomes Me 🙂

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Does silence make you uncomfortable?

This is something that I think about sometimes when I’m with others I think is the silence you hear making you feel uncomfortable ?

I think it would all depend on the situation don’t you think?
Do you feel like you need to fill the silence ….I have been feeling like this recently and I don’t like it .. I have never felt uncomfortable in the silence before but I now feel like I need to fill that silence that I not so long ago enjoyed ….but I think the only reason People feel the need to fill that silence is because it needs to be filled with something that need to be said and those involved don’t want to say what needs to be said…Hmmm… Maybe you should say what needs to be said and the silence will be gone?

But that’s just what I think. 🙂

I have always loved Being able to sit and do what ever with others and not have to talk… but to let each do his/her own thing and just enjoy being in the others company….
Maybe I enjoy the silence because I live in a very loud world?

Maybe some people are uncomfortable with the silence because they don’t know how to come out of their shell And don’t know what to say.

I like to listen to music ALL the time so maybe I am more uncomfortable with silence then I thought ….hmmm I’ll have to think about that one. 🙂
I guess this is just some food for thought….

And this is how Life Becomes Me.


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A Glance of what’s to come

When you see a small glance of something great in someone close to you you wait for them to blossom.
As a parent I see these little glimpses every day in my 3 children.
But every once in a while you get a burst of greatness that sweeps worry away for just a little while.
I recently had one of these glances….

My baby … ok if she knew I was calling her a baby she would probably be upset..haha..because she is the ripe old age of 8…but that’s what you get when your the youngest 🙂
Last night my little girl who we’ll call (s) was chatting away in the back seat on our way to dance class telling me all about her day and showing off her new powerful words like colossal…. It means very big by the way just in case you didn’t know …. ( thats her goal this term in school to learn more powerful words )….. So there she is chatting away again talking about her day and I decided to ask her about her new seating arrangement because her teacher unbeknown to her decided to sit her next to one of her best friends,now this boy we’ll call him (T) he is a real boys boy likes to play rough and tumble with the rest of the boys ….but since T met S in kindergarten he has had a soft spot for her. Maybe because she looks like a pixie but tackles like pit-bull….haha…
Ok now I’m getting off the mommy moment back to the story at hand…..
So I ask her if she is happy about this new seating arrangement ( which the teacher has already after one afternoon informed me that there seamed to be a lot of chatter) and she proceeds to inform me that she’s not too sure because he likes to talk a LOT…and she told him that if he keeps it up she will have to tell the teacher!
And then she tells me that he is very good friends with another little boy who we’ll call (L) and WE know L quite well he was at her birthday and boy does he have a crush on her, he is one of those boys who will pull the ponytail of the girl he likes, and he has been teasing her mercifully lately ….to the point that she didn’t want to go to school.
We spoke to her teacher and asked if she could do something about it for us.

So back to sitting in the car and driving to dance class…. I then proceeded to ask her if she was still having trouble with L teasing her or if sitting next to T has made it better or worse.
She looked at me a said very straight forward ….. Oh I took care of him!… You did did you! … She informed me that she told him to stop or She would tell Mrs.B the teacher…….

And that was it …..At that moment I was so proud of my baby girl because she didn’t like the way she was being treated so she did the right thing and said no this is not ok I don’t like it so stop or this will be the consequence….

If nothing else I’ve at least taught her this ….a very proud moment for me.

and then right there at that moment I realized the colossal mistake I had made in interfering ….now did I just make everything worse!…is L going to think she told … I send out an e-mail to her teacher that night and she tells me L has been home sick all week and she hasn’t had a chance to talk to him yet ….I took a deep breath and sighed with relief …..

She is still my pixie and will be a pit-bull with those other then her siblings, and this was when I got my glance of her greatness ….what’s to come… She told her best friend to stop talking so she wouldn’t get in trouble and put a stop to the teasing….

And this is how My Life Becomes Me.

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My favorite way to procrastinate

My favorite way to procrastinate is to think!
Do you believe that…what a way to procrastinate…to think….sometimes I wonder why because so much thinking could be quite dangerous you know …

sometimes I will think of ways I could be working on what I should be doing.
Sometimes I will be thinking of things I should be thinking about and sometimes I will be thinking of lists I will have to create to stop procrastinating so I can actually do what I’m supposed to do.
Other times I will listen to music ….saying to my self oh! I love this song I’ll get back to work after this one, or I’ll check my e-mail just incase I got something important.

Once a long time ago I got “a round Toit”…. But alas I lost it some time ago and maybe when I get a round Toit again it’ll get done!…. Bit until then I guess I’ll think about making a list of what has to get done.

And this is how My Life Becomes Me 🙂


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Caution!!!!! Comfort Zone

Do you ever notice that even when you want to stretch your mind and grow you still get stuck in you comfort zone ….that unwrapping that blanket is still difficult and you can’t find that opening that you want or even need.

I have really been putting myself to the test this past year….to streach my mind ….my capabilities….I have teetered on the edge a few times…. tripped up over my own feet …. and fallen on my ass…. but every time I pick my self up dust off and write it off as a new learning experience ….I tell myself that it’s something that has stretched my mind just a bit more.

Recently I was away on a training seminar and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take myself out of my comfort zone ….during this class they asked questions and for every good question and every good answer you would get a ticket for a door prize ……as always as soon as you put a prize into the equation every one try’s just a little harder ….haha…I had no need for the door prize but the challenge on the other hand I thought to my self this is a great opportunity to test myself.

In the past if questions were asked and if I knew the answer I would wait till I heard the answer and if I did know the answer I would give myself a little pat on the back and tell myself see I did know that answer …but I would always stay silent in the back corner and if I got the question wrong I would once again give myself a little pat on the back because I didn’t know the answer and I didn’t make a fool of myself by trying.

As they asked the questions and people answered, I participated like I have never participated before.I learned that when I get called on and I don’t know the answer I still go as red a tomato and my mind really does go blank when I’m put on the spot and I don’t have time to prepare an answer …haha…. but I didn’t know the answer so I was taught the answer and now I know the answer…and when I knew the answer (and I knew more than I thought I would) I put myself out there to be challenged to be asked out of my little comfort zone to have everyone look at me and hear what I have to say ….I don’t know where this feeling comes from because I remember growing up everyone telling me that I was always trying to be the centre of attention …haha…and here I am as a grown women trying to break out of my corner and move up to the front of the class….because somtimes that is my safe place…just sitting in the back and listening and observing ….sometimes it’s nice to have someone other than myself tell me I’m right ….haha…just because I know how to pat myself on the back doesn’t mean I need to.

so I asked and I answered and I collected I think the most tickets out of our little group and I may not have won the door prize but I think my prize was the best because I am now one step closer to stepping out of the corner …I asked and I learned so much more than I ever would have by staying quiet in the back ….I as someone who has spent most of my working life teaching and training others have always told everyone that there is no such thing as a stupid question….and that day I proved it.

and that is how My Life Becomes Me 🙂

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Surprise 2

Ok not sure what to do about this one I asked around and the only response I got was one person said she was surprised that I was not married to my partner she thought I was the type of person that would be married??
That was it everyone else I asked said they would have to think about it ?
So ….
Surprise !!!! Guess the only one surprised was me to find out that I am exactly who I say I am.

That is how Life Becomes Me 🙂


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