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Oh Canada…..Day 2

Sometimes I can think of really witty things to keep this going sometimes not so much….haha

Day 2…….I think day 2 wanted to give day one a run for her money!!

Wake up feeling down about the accident…..go for breakfast and relax while we wait for the Jeep to be fixed…I take the kids to the pool again while my partner goes out and tries to fix the lights on his truck and now the lights on the boat.
it’s freezing outside (-)something ridiculous I go out to see if I can help with anything….mention he needs to eat, so he says he will go out to check on the jeep and pick up food on the way back.

He decided to take our dog Bella with him to get her out of the room…..and yes this is the same dog that almost dove to her death in the Mackenzie river the day before, about an hour later my phone rings and I see that it’s my partner…I’m excited maybe the jeep is ready and we can head out today!
I pick up and he starts yelling at me to bring him the truck keys now…..I have to walk to the A&W because the dog has locked him out of the Truck and the Truck is running!…..HAHA….OK he is not finding this so funny so I tell the kids I’ll be back in about 30 min….with food.
I start walking in (-)ridiculous temp to unlock the truck doors….I arrive and he is yelling at the dog to stop jumping around….our food is getting destroyed….and he wonders why the dog doesn’t care….I’m just thinking that this is so not going to make this day any better and hopefully the jeep will be ready soon…..

Nope…..looks like we are staying another night and so far day 2 was not all that great!…..however it did not win over day one I think!
kids are quiet and not bickering and my Partner looks like he is about to blow his top….I try to make light of everything and crack some jokes but no one has a sense of humor today….

New tranny line new day….Jeep will be ready in the morning.
Day 3 here we come!

This is how My Life Becomes Me….

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Letting Go…..

A body pillow.

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one of the things I have always been told by my family my entire life was the fact that I don’t let anything go I hold on to everything…

Now when I think back about my childhood and the things I held on to, I have to say I never believed I was a hoarder by any means but I definitely have issues of letting go…..I kept essays and some of my favorite school projects, birthday,Christmas cards .. jewelry boxes….. really anything that I found sentimental to me ……some of the school things that I kept were how to’s …..I never had an easy time in school so I kept things like my notes on how to do things…and my exercise sheets and books for my speech therapy… reasoning for keeping these things like the school work was because when I had children I wanted to have easy reference to them because I didn’t think I would remember how to do these things … for the speech books….If for what ever reason I had a child who was tongue-tied I wanted to be able to help them….In my mind I had reason for everything….but don’t all hoarders think that way …haha

Ok I do sound like a hoarder when I re-read that paragraph…..but really all of my things from my childhood were packed into 3 boxes and these 3 boxes were always stuffed in a basement or closet…..and my partner’s problem was he didn’t want to move them any more… I solved that problem by carrying the boxes myself along with all my boxes of books that he also refused to pick up because he said I had to many of them ….haha….and we all know that we can never have to many books(he doesn’t come from a family of readers like I did…haha…

My biggest issue I think was my pillow…..yes a pillow!..I had a pillow that I refused to give up I don’t really remember when I got it but I was young maybe 7-8 ……we always seemed to move for one reason or another, three years was the most in one home until I moved out on my own and I started my own travel log book…it had its disadvantages of course but it also has its advantages…. this is probably why I’m always open to change……and I was willing to move across the country for my partner….

I was very attached to this pillow and if we went camping it always came with me …it was the right texture you know the kind made with foam all cut up so all you had to do was punch it a few times and it became all fluffy again ..haha..your head didn’t sink and hit like a rock like a feather pillow did, it stayed fluffy and soft and it cradled my neck just the right way …haha ( can you tell I loved this pillow)…… 🙂

As I grew up and my pillow grew old I would find old teddy’s made with the same type of stuffing and I would replace the covers with new pillowcases when they would start to disintegrate wash after wash and then re-stuff them.The best stuffing was from some dolls that my parents brought back from Barbados they kept my pillow alive for oh so many…then as an adult my partner would get upset with me …roll his eyes…tell me I was being ridiculous for wanting to bring my pillow because once again it came on road trips with me…. ( you always need a pillow in a car how else are you going to sleep..haha ) I remember once I gave in and left it at home ….Just as I had expected…I had the worst sleep ever!!! never again I decided why should I wake up with a bad neck because my partner thinks it’s childish to be so attached to my pillow …haha

I as an adult understand that I have issues that are a little OCD …I understand and accept such things and I work on the issues that I have acknowledged … for the others I’ve not found them yet so they will be dealt with when and if I discover them…haha

Now a couple moves back during a very stressful time in my life my poor pillow was left behind….. my partner forgot to pack it along with the bedding from the bed….I think that was the day I realized what my attachment to my pillow was ….it was my home base … matter where I was in my travels as long as I had my pillow I was safe …..that was something I knew I could always hold on to ….my something familiar… so called security blanket…..So on this fateful day …..the day I lost my business,my home and my pride ……I also lost my security blanket ….it was quite the day….I don’t think I have ever felt so open and raw as I did that day…. and I remember thinking  how silly I was for crying over a pillow like a child…..of course when my nerves settled and I had calmed down I realized my stress was not over a pillow it was about my loss of security which I felt  with the loss of my business not my symbolized security ….my pillow… here I am as an adult ..fully understanding that it may not really be a healthy attachment ….but had never really made that foreword leap to deal with my pillow issue yet..haha… and on that day life decided that it was time ….haha.

I think back on that moment and realize that I put so much energy in this pillow that I couldn’t grieve for what needed to be grieved….that day was the first day of my transformation, I just didn’t know it yet….

now 3 years later I have learned to let go …..Maybe this was a lesson I have needed to learn more then any others….it was/is defiantly one that was and still is the hardest…..I don’t keep much now… these things that we surround ourselves with are just that……. just things ….the memory is still in our head we just need to go through the filing cabinet and find what we want and need … when I save something or keep something I go through a mental process to decide whether or not I will keep it….what my reasons are for keeping it and whether or not it has a place in my home , life , or my heart…..

I have gotten rid of most things that I had in those 3 boxes now because I don’t feel the need for them anymore,I didn’t need them like I thought I would…

my eyes are now looking forward to the future not behind me in the past. My Books on the other hand will still be filling book shelves where ever I go….although I think my partner has trained his new puppy to help get rid of them as much and as fast as possible ….she sure loves to chew them …haha

I think I have come a long way since that dreadful day, I don’t keep things that I don’t need anymore for one thing but I have been able to put things into perspective of how I want to live and what I find important now compared to what I used to find important years ago.

I have found a new pillow…haha…it’s still the only kind that doesn’t give me a kink in my neck….but at least now I know the world will not end if I lose it …..haha…. I guess it’s still a work in progress…haha

That is how my Life Becomes Me


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Time fly’s by

Reassurance markers along the Queen Elizabeth ...

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So much for posting once a week …haha ….guess I’ll start again 🙂

I have been so busy these last few weeks and some-days it really amazes me how time can fly by and we don’t even see it pass …. when I have those moments in my life, it’s like I go a little dizzy and catch my breath and I have to tell my self to close my eyes and take a step back to remember to slow down and stop and watch the scenery go by because If you don’t you’re going to miss sooo much of what makes life so beautiful.

When I used to live in Southern Ontario My favorite time of the day was always the commute on the QEW or 400 HWY’S….. and I know everyone says I’m nut’s for enjoying it …haha…but I would always take that time to reflect on my day …it was my shift change from working women to Mom …guess it was my me time …haha…If I felt rushed or stressed I would tell my self to stop and enjoy the scenery…… Now living where the speed limit is 45km in town and 70km on the HWY…it has become so natural to move slow that I never have those mandatory reminders to slow down and take a breath , you would think it would be the opposite living up here and maybe for others it is but not for me….I’m a fast paced women who likes to be on the edge of my seat but I AM human!!! (just don’t tell the kids!) …haha …and every so often I need that break a reminder that I need that down time and when it’s not forced on you like the stop and go of rush hour traffic it tends to get away from you ….I had one of those days today where I looked at the date and was blown away, I never even saw the month of May go by and I don’t know where it went or what I did with it..haha…but boy I must have done plenty because I’m exhausted and my back hurts..haha

guess it’s time to stop step back take a breath and watch the scenery go by before I miss next month …haha..

and that is how Life Becomes Me 🙂


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Working Vacation…..nothing better!

I recently went away on a working vacation….my boss sent me to Ontario for a convention and some upgrading on a computer program I use at work ….I call it a working vacation because it was for work ..I call it a vacation because it was in Ontario and that is where all my family is from.

I havent been home in 2 years and I took full advantage of my trip back…and now that I have come back to reality here in the Northwest territories I realized that I really missed my children I had never been away from them for so long I was gone for a week… 8 nights boy is that a long time for me, but it was a well deserved vacation from the reality of my regular life.

I had an amazing time with my friends and family I feel even more homesick now that I have returned. This probably was not what my boss had intended when he sent me…lol

I was busy every night so it wasn’t until I got back here that I realised how much I missed them .My youngest was not very happy about my leaving and thought she would punish me for going by being miserable the morning I left and then she decided to not talk to me on the phone the entire time I was away,I don’t think she realised that she was punishing herself as well as me with that …since I returned home on Saturday she hadn’t left my side till I shipped her off to school this morning. Did I say anything about how I felt hurt about her not talking to me all week …No!…I think that would have been just punishing her something that she didn’t really understand so I just hugged her told her I missed her and tried not to trip over her as I went along my day and asked her to help me with everything..haha..

Now that Mommy’s back home and things are back to normal… in her mind all is right with the world again..  🙂

some days I wish I was 7 again ..haha..because that world is simple and my life is not …  🙂

How I keep Changing…. feeding my soul and my Caterpillar is becoming a Butterfly

and how My Life Becomes Me ……


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My Move Accross Canada

I moved away from my family and friends a few years back it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Moving far, far away from the ones that drive you crazy and keep you sane all at the same time….lol … I think that there is nothing in the world other then family that you could possibly love and that can also drive you crazy all at once. It is something I have never regretted because I invite change, I challenge change to try and hinder my life…lol….change is what inspires growth, so as you can see I refuse to give regret the power it needs to hinder MY life…..I have experienced many things that others could only imagine…..I have traveled across Canada to follow my partner through his journey through life and I as with all change comes growth…..I have fed my caterpillar and she is slowly beginning to change…..

I wrote this account of my Move to the North West Territories way back in 08 to tell my tale to my family and friends back home I read it and re-read it and added the things that I didn’t think were important the first time around …

I had a uh-ha!! moment one time while cooking breakfast for some fishermen and listening to they’re fishing stories (another lessons learned.. time in my life) when I thought to myself ….If everything happened according to plan then one would never have any stories to tell……and well…. what fun is that!!! …. LOL

I hope you enjoy it

I have decided to account my trip in a note so I only have to write it once… (ok it’s more a short story…lol but it’s a true short

Day 1:Mon.Aug.25
This is it …Away we go…stop at my favourite Tim Horton’s for my last one from my home town till who knows when…then off to see what life has in store for us on the other side of Canada….We left at about 2:00 pm when the truck was finely loaded (thanks to my amazing family for all that help) we drove to just about king City (just outside of Richmond Hill) and the U-haul broke down…..My partner thinks it’s the tranny….Garr…this was about 4:00 PM….huh !! 2 hrs in…. guess we know what life decided to have in store for us today Called head office of the rental company and they said they would get someone out as soon as they could and please do not leave the truck unattended….we can do that we were able to pull off the hwy…….10:30pm still at the side of the hwy this is 6.5 hrs in (with 3 children…and they have had enough (I’ve had enough) …so we called and told them we will be finding a place for the night….again they say but you are NOT ALLOWED to leave the truck unattended…..sorry we have children that need a bed!!!! (all of this is going back and forth to phone booths because you know we didn’t have cell phones at the time (because if I’m out I’m busy!!)….so by 12:00am we finely find a hotel that has a room for us…no pets…HA we get in there and the washroom is mould infested but NO PETS! you have to be kidding me!!!….so we call the U-haul company and l give them the # for them to call us so my partner can meet them with the keys when they show up. I get my Billy my cat and Buster Brown my dog settled in the truck for the night good thing it’s the end of August… and we crawl into bed and crash for the night!!

Day 2:Tues.Aug.26
woke up 8:00am call U-haul to see if they found anyone to tow us or fix it (because they never called us)….they say they picked it up at 7:00am but couldn’t get a hold of us….huh!! did we not give them our # at the Motel last night ???….Where did they take it & how do we get there? …..Brampton ok we are on our way……..10:00am I take the kids to McDonald’s across the road and my partner goes to talk to the people in the U-Haul……then he comes in just before 11:00 am and says they have to talk to head office and we have to come back in an hour…..we return and they ask us to come back in a couple of hours..ok they still don’t know ……come back in another hour…..2:00pm we finely get an answer they are sorry but it will take 3 weeks to get a new tranny in… so sign this waver and here are your options…. you can wait for it at your expense….. or….. you have to unload it all at your expense and reload another truck…….A EXCUSE ME!!!….or…. you can supervise as WE(the rental company) unload and reload into another truck….OK sounds good…. sorry #3 is not an option we don’t have the man power and no they can’t afford to let even one person help you either…..hah!!!…do you see where this is going….ha-ha

so let’s get this straight ……..
#1 : 3 wks to fix (not really an option we have to be on the other side of the country in 2 weeks)
#2 : we unload…and then re-load another truck
#3 : they unload and re-load another truck(not allowed to pick that one remember )

#2 it is !!!! after much arguing about why it takes them 3 weeks to fix a tranny and others 12-24hrs…….and why not a one of the 10 Men we see walking around in uniform doing nothing could not be spared to help us unload??? we start looking for Moving companies…….not so easy because now it’s the last week of Aug. and 4:00pm by now……….ok lets get a Motel get these kids (who are being the best children ever!!!!! by the way for being in U-haul all day) some TV or something (we did go MacDonald’s for lunch…with play land)……..Motel 6 nice place No mould…..and takes pets….things are looking up ..LOL…..start calling for movers Head office will reimburse us up to $200.00 for movers…… after a few phone calls we find out it’s min.$400.00 for movers…LOL of course…and that is only if we can find one to do it on the last week of Aug….really!!! but am I really surprised…uh NO…lol

Day 3: Wed.Aug.27
Wake UP!!!!! …..we are sooooo tired and haven’t done anything yet….9:00am we crawl out of bed back to McDonalds…..ugh!!!!! still trying to find movers……and My partner being the stubborn man that he is, refused to call family for help he says they helped enough….(ok and they helped only because I asked for help he never would have!!) they give us a truck and we start unloading …..11:00am I’m still trying to get movers….can they call us back(still no cell)U-Haul says in Not so Nice tone ….. if they can get through they will let us know if we get a call…..ugh!!!!……and I must wait in line to use the phone to call them back…..this office wins the award for the worst service EVER!!!!….. so I then decide to go next door to ReMax and see if they will let me use the phone….of course I can ….sure…anything to help… call # I don’t remember and….two small men with big harts will help…. Yaaa!!!!…..they just have to finish another move and they will send us 2-3 guys it should be about 4:00pm they ask us to call them back at 4 to see where they are …..thank you!!! .. Thank you!!!!!….things are looking up again….ok by then its 1:00pm we have unloaded since about 10am mostly my partner because I’ve been on the phone trying to find movers…The kids are still amazing!!!!….sure you can ride your bikes they’re unpacked anyways…. but only between the 2 Trucks…..still moving things from one truck to the other the more we get done before the guys from the moving company get here the faster it will be done….as we are working a gentleman from ReMax comes to help us (with heart condition by the way) what a saint this man was and he wouldn’t take no as an answer, Now during all this moving furniture and boxes we see u-haul employees sitting and watching us unload and it is really really getting partner’s goat……but we keep trekking along ..ha-ha what else con we do…lol…4:00 call I go back to ReMax to call the movers….no they still are not done call back at 5……we are almost done !!!….woo hoo!!!
just the boat and really big stuff left …..oh no not much room left and we are not sure what we did wrong ..but you know when you take something new out of a well packed box, you know you will never get it back in the same way…lol….so come 5:00 pm I call the movers and no they still are not done but almost they will be done soon…..go eat and wait till the movers come see if they can figure this box out?………6:30pm…….their here…. we feed them pizza and pop they help with boat and the rest of the stuff all done!!!!! and it’s only 7:45pm….and $400.00 later the movers are gone (oh ya ) the gas 1/4 tank in the truck!!!! hay isn’t that just like the first one only it’s still full because we filled it and only drove for 2hrs …….guess that ‘s another 200.00 to fill this one…….after an hour of fighting again they reimbursed the 200.00 for the gas….back to motel 6 we’ll leave in the morning.

Day 4: Thurs.Aug.28
omg! we are leaving Brampton…….9:30am after breakfast and a stop at Timmies… we are on our way….hehehe…3.1/2hrs later we need gas again …..great we got a gas guzzler….we decided to take hwy #11 so we miss all the hills maybe less gas….New Liskard…. I am sooo tired I think the stress from the past 4 days is starting to kick in…oh NO!!!!! I see smoke coming out from the u-haul’s tires………GREAT……we decide to stop for the night …..pool…pets…arcade….food…..ok…..we can do this…. lets let the U-Haul cool down for the night…….kids had fun yaaa!!!!…all’s well with happy kids…ha-ha

Day 5: Fri.Aug.29
off we go again…8:00am Thunder bay here we come!!! should be their by 6 maybe visit Connie(a friend)…9:00pm finely we stop kids are cranky….partner is cranky….ok maybe I’m Cranky….and we are only in Nipigon…..only stopped for lunch at 1 and dinner at 6 and gas……so much for visiting…..No more smoke from truck’s tires….things are looking good …guess life decided to give us good day even if it did take us longer then we had expected…. whew!!!…..nothing exciting just tired… to bed.

Day 6: Sat.Aug.30
uh-oh!! off at 10:30am …we didn’t wake up……. WILL I EVER BE OUT OF ONTARIO!!!!!
promised my son before we left we would be at a Motel by 5:00 today to watch a movie he has waited for all month long on YTV…..Boy is he spoiled…lol ..ok but we should be in Yellowknife by now and they were really really good at U-Haul… another short day and we stop in Kanora I think……it’s becoming all a blur by now….still in Ontario though… it just won’t let go! it won’t let us leave!….agh! …….we stop rush in and get the last 15min of the movie ……..time change…… what a waste of a night could have gotten to Winnipeg…..oh well we can get a good night sleep and maybe our energy will return…lol

Day 7: Sun.Aug.31
off at 9:00am ok that’s better…..we break free!!!!! Ontario has lost its grip!!!… this day very uneventful thank god I need a break…lol Stopped in Saskatoon

Day 8: Mon.Sept.1
Guess the kids won’t start school on the 2nd oh well ……make it to Alberta….lets go shopping….School stuff….new camera….I can take pic now….I see the end! we stop in Edmonton Travelodge… pool….waterslide…pets….food…good

Day 9: Tues.Sept.2
I think we’ll stay an extra day at the poolside, I think we’ve earned it ….lol

Day 10: Wed.Sept.3
well rested off 9:00am want to make it to Enterprise by tonight….My Baby girl does not look to good….stop for lunch she feels really hot she has a fever….Great….I don’t feel all that great either….can’t check her temp forgot to leave a thermometer out….stop and get meds…for her to take since I can’t check her temp…. and spend 1hr trying to get her to take it(she hates med’s but she feels really hot ……My partner almost ran out of gas…now he is really cranky …..and we crawl in to High Level at 9:30pm…… need a Motel My baby needs a bed ..I need a bed…. one day left tomorrow we will be there……

Day 11: Thurs.Sept.4
we are off 9:00 am was up till 1:00 am doing laundry in the Motel and making sure everything was packed we needed clean cloths we only packed for 5days not 11 and this was the first place that had laundry…

ok I’m pumped we are almost there it may be a long day but we will arrive…oh my there really is nothing…. absolutely nothing but wilderness and Buffalo for the whole drive ..we arrive at the ferry kids are excited never been on one before last gas station till we arrive in Yellowknife better fill up or we wont make it and we end up on the side of the road with no gas and nothing around for hundreds of km…lol…. ..hehe…I see a sign 95km till Yellowknife 2hrs to go U-Hauls very slow……oh no !!!!!! what was that bang…… oh no !!!!It’s raining Tires……U-Haul tires……I can now laugh like the crazy women that I feel like…lol….once again we all climb into the truck that I have been driving and can you pic this ..My partner Driving…my son in the middle and me at the end with Buster Brown ( my dog) on top of my lap(he is an auzzy .. Not a lap dog… oldest daughter….Cat cage which takes up half the seat and my sick baby(ok she is 5 and not really a baby) in the back…..boy does this feel familiar…..didn’t we do this for 3 days in Brampton…lol….but at least we are almost home………..

We arrive at 8:00pm…..I got the giggles…..I think I have lost my mind…..we walk into the our new home that we have been supplied with by my partners work….wow this is nice ….ok bit of a mess they are dry walling the ceiling but I can live here 3 bdrms good……oh hello!!….your name is Mike you live here too……giggles are back…..take a deep breath… thing at a time…..lets see if u-haul will be able to get us our truck….. and we can get some warmer cloths …….maybe I’ll just move into the truck…lol..yep that just may be a good idea….because now I just lost a bedroom so now it’s a 2 bedroom……U-Haul spends all night calling us every couple of hours to let us know that they haven’t found us yet…(maybe because we are in the middle of nowhere)…lol…and to let us know that we are NOT ALLOWED to leave their truck unattended….and don’t know who will tow the truck to us…little do they know that there is no cell service just a few km out of town and we’ve done this before do they really think we will stay out there all night when they cant even find us!!!!…….so all 5 of us crawl into the king-size bed that is in the master bedroom and crash……..the dog decided to join us on the bed too we were soooo cozy….

Day 12: Fri.Sept.5
U-Haul found a repair shop they will get the truck sometime today. my partner drove out to get the boat off the U-Haul(the one we were pulling not the one inside)and we got our truck back 8:00pm…..guess I’m not going to get some warm cloths till tomorrow….

Day 13: Sat.Sept.6
we unload some stuff but take our time because U-Haul can wait for their stupid truck for all I care and I have to pick and choose what we bring out….you know having a strange man living with us and all….OH and work want’s to know when partner will be back to work is tomorrow good……..ah NO!!!!!!!duh……ok so they want him to tell them by tomorrow if it will be Mon or Tues……Flight left Tues Sept.9th at 7:00am…..(he works out of town).

I get to live with a strange man while my partner lives in another town while he works ……ummm what was I thinking!!!

And I must say that I think I was born to live here I feel very much at Home here in Yellowknife…….OK I may have lost my Mind somewhere in the last few weeks….lol…..and maybe I’ll change my mind after my first winter…lol I guess we’ll see what life has in store for me in the next chapter…..

love and miss you all xoxox
and by the way if my mind wanders back Home could you mail it on back to me

I Think that life has shown me how to take life one day at a time and not only with a grain of salt but with a touch of humour…ha-ha.. Because everything that happens is a chance to grow as a person this is what I have taken from this wonderful voyage…and I let you know how my trip home goes…. if I have any luck it will be just as wonderful….lol

This is how Life Becomes Me….


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As you travel through this thing called life and you find all these choices to make how do you decide which choices are going to be the right ones ….do you hold your breath shut your eyes and belly flop into your life or do you dive right in with your eyes wide open?

I think I have walked …stumbled and tripped as I tried to dive in …..sometimes with a belly flop or a beautiful dive …..and well i think there has even been times I even did a few cannon balls…..haha sometimes with my eyes open and sometimes with my eyes closed ….

I guess when you look at your life with an outsider’s perspective things look much different then when you look at in through your own eyes and for myself it becomes easer to analyze my decisions if I look back and try to see things from all perspectives

How about an example ……..I have decided that my 7 almost 8 year old must clean her room and she is not to come out untill she done (except for dinner if it takes that long…and i’m sure it will..haha) she tells me that she will only clean it if I go in and help ….so I explain that I have other cleaning to do and her room is her job to clean and that she is quite old enough to do it all by her self. ( now she spends all her energy trying to argue with me through out the day).when if she cleaned he room when I asked her to she would have been done in no time … the next day she comes home from school and once again I guid her straight to her room to clean and of course she does not see this as fair, I however think it is very fair that after days and days of asking her to clean up her toys I get to the end of my rope, now right here in this moment I could choose to go and help her clean her horrendous mess she has made (and much worse since I sent here in there because she can really let things fly when she get upset) or do I let her deal with the consequences of her actions…..of course I choose to have her deal with her consequence’s so once again I choose to listen to her complain how unfair and I mean I am …..little do I know that her father has made a choice also and his choice is to slink his way in to her room to help her clean ….haha

and that you see is how the decisions you make today will affect the outcome of tomorrow…..because tomorrow I will have to start all over again.

Now if I look at this in my partners point of view I can understand that he was going away for 4 weeks for schooling and would like to spend some time with his youngest child before he leaves and I understand that …..but I on the other hand believe that all he did was remind her that if she makes a big enough fit she will still get her way

So as I stumble through this choice and wonder is teaching my 7 yr old that she need to clean her room when I ask because if she doesn’t the mess will be even bigger and that she is old enough for this responsibility all on her own ……Or is my partner’s choice in showing her that he will alway be there to help her when she needs him the better choice…..

Well only the future will tell…..when I figure it out I’ll let you know

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