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Remember to smile……Because you can!

What makes you smile like nothing else?
I think this is an amazing question don’t you?
I’ve sat on this question for a while now because I wasn’t sure how to answer it, I had so many answers and couldn’t decide which one of the many things that make me smile actually make me smile like nothing else can…..

  • Many things can make me smile, some just little things like laying down to the smell of freshly cleaned sheets right out of the dryer…..
  • The first bite of my favorite dish (when I get it right)  haha……
  • When a great song comes on the radio……
  • Watching my kids accomplish something they have worked on…..
  • Seeing the look on my children’s face Christmas Morning because Santa came…..

After I thought about all the things that make me smile ……I realized the one thing that makes me smile like nothing else is the feeling of LOVE …..

The love from another given freely with nothing to gain …..that feeling that you get when you can feel the others love for no other reason than for who you are …….The love you give to another because they are worth it …That is what makes me smile like nothing else can …..

My 8-year-old reminded me of this yesterday morning when she saw that after asking for 3 years in a row for a stuffed Jaguar teddy…..Santa finely came through and although none of his elves could find one anywhere nor could they make one …..Santa hunted down some material that looked as much like a Jaguar as he could and made one just for her …..and it has not left her side since……even though it is the most pitiful looking cat I have ever seen …haha…it probably should have been left to the elves….haha…But Santa worked very long hours on this cat I’m positive of that…..and when she saw it…….. that little spark that was starting to fade came back in her eyes and her belief in Santa was restored ….which moved my 2 older children and the magic of the real meaning of Christmas was back ……because its all about the love not the presents…’s all about the little things……

and I get the privilege of seeing that kind of love everyday….and every time my children hug me …..every time my I hear my children laugh ……every time I see Dorito the Jag(his new name) haha….get squeezed with love ( I sure hope he makes it through the year…..good thing Mom owns a sewing kit…..haha….

Dorito the Jaguar

This is how My life Becomes Me…..

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When are you happiest?

When are you the happiest?
That is today’s question ….. When I first saw this question I though to myself this is an easy one….haha…
Now that I’ve thought about it …not so much …..
There are so many things that can make a person happy and at different times in life it can change, depending on where a person is emotionally will also depend on what can and will make them the happiest.
At one point in my life what made me happiest was being pregnant and not having a miscarriage ….yet today it was having my 8-year-old get herself dressed and ready for school without an argument ….haha… See how much it can change from year to year.
Some days what makes me happiest is not having to be the referee between my children …or even between my partner and my children.
Other days it’s creating an amazing kitchen design that my customer loves.
I think what makes me the happiest is seeing my children confident and happy and ready to conquer the world.

what makes you happy will always change so take your happy moments treasure them all because when you appreciate them all they will all make you the happiest.

That is how My Life Becomes Me….

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In the last maybe ten years or so I have noticed that I don’t enjoy things like I used to ….it’s not that I don’t find joy in the things I do because I do but I think I am having a hard time expressing that joy and I seem to have a hard time believing that joy will last
I think when I see that I am going to experience something joyful ….I start to retreat inside myself … keep it hidden i’m afraid to show that i am receiving pleasure from something.
I am starting to realize that when ever I think something wonderful is about to happen or is happening I also expect something else is going to happen to take away that joy…..
Like a rainbow you can’t have the beauty without the rain…and you can’t appreciate the good without the bad….

I don’t fully understand why I always expect the worst to happen and sometimes I wonder if I contribute to the bad because I expect it ….I am slowly understanding how to accept the good and absorb the good energy I get from it. And when the bad comes I do seem to be able to deal with it as a separate issue …. And not as a punishment for enjoying some thing good. I am starting to see that the bad will not always come after the good.

Years ago I used to be such an enthusiast but some where along the line I lost that part of me maybe it was being looked at with rolling eyes when I showed to much enthusiasm or maybe it was just me allowing every one else’s doubts and negativity to blind me

I am trying so hard to find that part of me to remember how that felt .
I see glimpses of that more and more lately…

That is how My Life Becomes Me 🙂


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